Wellswood is home to our Muntham Holiday Apartments and Town House and is an area of Torquay that is situated a short distance from Torquay harbour and is about an equal distance from Babbacombe too. It is one of the most sought after residential districts in the area containing the beautiful leafy areas of Meadfoot and the Lincombes.

At its heart is Ilsham Road which is often known by the locals as "Wellswood Village". For it is here that there is a convenience store, a school, a pub (The Kent's), a post office, an Anglican church (St Matthias), pharmacist, delicatessen (Me & Mrs Jones), patiserie, two bistros including the superb Waddling Duck, a cafe, a florist, beauty salons, and hair salons.

St Matthias Church in Wellswood Torquay

For visitors tempted to relocate to Torquay or even possibly wanting to buy a holiday home in the area, there are two estate agents in Wellswood. The first is the very long established John Couch Estate Agency and the second is Absolute which is a more recent arrival.

Wellswood is also where the World famous Kent's Cavern is located.

Kent's cavern in Wellswood - Torquay.


All of our properties are within easy reach of the caves and of Wellswood Village -  The Muntham Apartments and Town House are located in Wellswood and are therefore just a few minutes' walk away.

To check availability at any of our apartments and to book, please click on the link below. Remember that if you book direct with us you will get rates that are up to 20% cheaper than anything offered by the online booking agents.

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