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This information is designed to assist guests in making a judgement as to whether The Bedford House Apartments are appropriate for their needs. Whilst we accept that for some guests the answer may well be no, we are nevertheless committed to making the apartments as accessible as possible.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be delighed to assist.

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  • Text:  0791 9051066
  • Correspondence Address:  The Muntham Apartments, Barrington Road, Torquay TQ11SG. 

Part I The Building - an overview of the bedford house holiday apartments.

The Bedford House Apartments are located in the Torwood area of central Torquay. The building was originally a single private residence and occupies an elevated position on the junction of Braddon Hill Road and Babbacombe Road. The property address is 517 Babbacombe Road, Torquay TQ1 1SG

Today the building is arranged as individual apartments. Apartment 1,Apartment 5 and Apartment 6 are located on the ground floor of the building whilst Apartment 2 and Apartment 3 are located on the first floor. Each apartment has their own individual access.

The building occupies an elevated position and is approached via steps that zig zag up to the main entrance or via a path (with two steps) that is up the side of the property and goes behind it and round it to the main entrance also.

Getting to The Bedford House Apartments

Torquay’s mainline railway station is approx 1 mile away. Most train journeys will involve a change at either Exeter or Newton Abbot although there are a limited number of direct trains each day. There is a taxi rank at the station which has taxis available whilst train services operate. Most services are operated by First Great Western.

The coach station is approx 0.75 miles away. There are numerous coach services from a number of different places. Services are largely operated by National Express. Taxis are available from the coach station.

The nearest bus stop is less than 200 yards away on Babbacombe Road outside Torquay Museum. Frequent bus services runto and from Babbacombe and St Marychurch as well as Teignmouth and Dawlish.

There is an excellent high frequency bus service to other parts of  our Bay area and bus services link up to other towns such as Totnes, Exeter and Plymouth. Services are generally operated by Stagecoach. These are  accessed via stops on the harbourside which is 400 yards from the apartments.

Local taxis are plentiful. Special access taxis can also be arranged. Our taxi drivers are happy to meet the needs of passenger with special requirements and even short journeys are not a problem. Please click here for further transport information.

Arrival and parking facilities

The car park for the apartments is located at the front of the building. The car park is sloped and above the level of the road. The surface of the car park is concrete and there are white lines indicating individual parking bays. Street lighting means that this area is illuminated at night. There is one parking space per apartment. Additional spaces are available on the road nearby.

There is a pathway that leads up to a set of steps. These steps lead to the building. They consist of  four flights of three steps and a final flight of five steps. These steps rise by between 12cm and 15cm There is a hand rail on the right hand side. There sre lights illuminating the steps from dusk to dawn and further motion activated lights by the building itself..

Main entrance and public hallways at The bedford house holiday apartments

Access to apartments 1,2,and 3 is via the porchway. There is no step into this area and the floor is tiled. The width of the doorway is 99cm.

There is small step up into apartment 1. There are two steps up into apartment 2 and three respectively.

The entrance to apartment 5 is located at the rear of the property. There is a step up into its porch area. 

The apartments: 

Apartment 1 bedford house holiday apartments

The width of the doorway into apartment 1 is 73cm. There is a step up which is 13cm. The hallway inside the apartment, the kitchen and the ensuite all have laminate flooring. The bedroom and lounge are both carpeted. The door way into the kitchen is 86cm wide , the doorway into the living room is 74cm in width and the bedroom and ensuite are 74cm and 67cm respectively. The ensuite is equipped with a washbasin, a toilet and a shower. The shower is a quadrant design with no step up into it.

Apartment 2 bedford house holiday apartments

In order to access apartment 2 there are two steps that lead up to the front door. These rise by 20cm. Inside the front door there are a further 11 stairs that rise by 19cm. These steps are 88cm wide. A further 4 stairs then perform a quarter turn at the top. The stairs are carpeted. There is a wooden handrail on the left.

The whole of the apartment is carpeted with the exception of the two bathrooms and the kitchen all of which have laminate flooring. Inside the apartment, the living room and two bedrooms have doors of 89cm in width. The two bathrooms and kitchen have doorways of 70cm in width.

Both bathrooms have pedestal washbasins, toilets and baths with showers over.

Apartment 3 bedford house holiday apartments

In order to access apartment 3 there are two steps that lead up to the front door. These rise by 20cm. Inside the front door there are a further 11 stairs that rise by 19cm. These stairs are 89cm wide. A further 4 stairs at the top perform a quarter turn. The stairs are carpeted.

The whole of the apartment is carpeted with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom both of which have lamniate flooring.

There are three steps down into the kitchen these steps are 19cm high. There is no door way into the kitchen. The doorway into the living room is 89cm. All remaining doorways are 70cm wide.

The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, pedestal washbasin and a bath with a shower over.

Apartment 5 bedford house holiday apartments

Apartment 5 is accesed via a porchway at the rear of the property. There is a step up of 18cm. This step is 18cm wide.

The apartment has laminate flooring in the living area and ensuite. The bedroom is carpeted.

The door widths to the main front door, bedroom and ensuite are 79cm, 69cm and 70 cm respectively.

The ensuite has a shower (75cm square), a pedestal washbasin and a toilet.

Apartment 6 bedford house holiday apartments

This apartment has its own entrance. There are six steps up to the front door with a hand rail to the right as you ascend.

The apartment is largely carpeted and within the apartment there is a further step up to all the living space.

The apartment features a quadrant shower.


Part II Support available to guests with specific needs.

for Guests with Mobility Restrictions: 

  • We are happy to assist with luggage on arrival and departure.
  • From Shop Mobility we can obtain mobility aids such as wheel chairs or scooters. (There is normally a small charge for the use of these.). 
  • We can direct guests to approriate access information for places to visit or for eating etc..

For guests with visual impairments:     

  • We have good colour contrasting in our fixtures and fittings of our rooms.
  • We Have good lighting.
  • We Can offer large print copies of our own materials.

For guests with a hearing impairment:

  • We ensure that we speak clearly to help guests lip read.
  • We can direct the guest to written information
  • We have teletext and subtitles on our TVs

For guests with families:

Apartment 2 has two bedrooms one of which has a zip and link bed which can be configured as a super king or a twin. We can also provide a cot (We charge £5 per night for this). Apartment 3 has three bedrooms and so can accommodate up to five people.

For guests with bronchitis and breathing difficulties:

  • We can change bedding to Non feather bedding.
  • We maintain high standards of cleaning in the rooms and have regular scheduled deep cleans.
  • Please note that we do permit pets in all of the apartments
  • Our Hesketh Crescent Apartment located at Meadfoot Bay is completely pet free.

For guests with food allergies or special diets

We are happy to make provision for guests with allergies or special diets and can arrange for food to be delivered in advance of our guests’ arrival.

For guests with dogs for assistance.

We can accommodate assistance dogs in all of the apartments.We do not make any additional charge for assistance dogs. For other guests travelling with dogs we do make a one off charge of £20.

For guests with other specific requirements.

We are able to make some adaptations to rooms to accommodate special equipment. For example we have adapted rooms to accommodate portable dialysis units and have stored fluid for guests in advance of arrival. 


check availability and rates

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