It was wonderful to see tens of thousands of people returning to Torquay over the summer without so much as a blip in the Covid numbers.  We know how important it is that as many people as possible get away for a break as the restrictions continue to be applied. It seems as if the mental well being of the nation depends upon it.

Rest assured. Our guests' safety will always be our first priority and ours is a Covidsafe business BUT we won't ever lose site of the fact that they are guests and deserve to be treated like adults and not children and that we should take measures that are not overly heavy handed but sensible and in proportion to the risk.

Ways we will make your stay at our self catering accommodation in Torquay a safe and happy one.

With self catering apartments it is easier to manage social distancing than with a hotel or B&B. But we also need to go further to ensure that you can have a relaxed and safe break and things will change a little in terms of our apartments this year; we are doing a number of practical and sensible things:

  • Our cleaning programme has always been rigorous but we have now added in more stages to ensure that cleaning and sanitising is completed before each new guest arrives.
  • We have a steam cleaner which can assist with sanitising soft furnishings like curtains,cushions etc which means they don't have to be removed.​
  • To enable us to complete this enhanced cleaning we are unable to allow early chck ins or late check outs as a rule.
  • Beause we want your stay with us to be a safe and happy one we will not strip out items from the apartments but we may rotate certain items where appropriate to ensure they are safe to use.
  • Some of our apartments such as The Bedford House Apartments have their own private entrances and don't share hallways etc whilst at the Muntham Apartments where we live on site we are able to have a full and regular programme of sanitising.
  • We will use key boxes as well as continue to meet guests in person. We will be able to maintain appropriate social distancing so we won't be wearing any PPE.
  • The gardens at Muntham and Bedford House will be open for use by guests and the seating will be regularly cleaned and sanitised.
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes are getting ready to open up and we will compile a rolling list of those that do open so that guests will be able to book tables etc in advance of their stay. Takeaways are already open and we have a growing list of the really good ones many of whom do deliveries.
  1. Guests are understandably a little nervous about booking at the moment.  So, when guests book direct with us they will have the opportunity to opt in to our Booking Protect Refund Protection - please click here for full details  which offers full Covid 19 illness refund cover to travellers and their immediate family members (To see other benefits of booking directly please click here)
  2. Should there be another lockdown or a return to general or local travel restrictions, bookings that fall within that period can be deferred for up to 12 months  as we have done during the first lockdown.

These measures will develop and change over time and just as the country has got to respond to these circumstances, so must we. However, as we said at the start it is important that Britsh people get some sort of break this summer so that we can go into the winter in a better state of mental preparedness. 

Ways our guests can help make their stay at our self catering accommodation in Torquay a safe and happy one 

  • First & foremost guests must not travel to us if experiencing symptoms of the Coronavirus
  • We would ask for clear arrival times and to have updates on the journey to us so that we can make sure there is appropriate social distancing.
  • Guests should continue with regular handwashing and sanitising. We will supply plenty of hand soap and sanitiser.
  • Think ahead. Social distancing in some form is going to continue so consider getting groceries delivered. Book entrance to attractions online. Many will only allow entrance to people with tickets already booked.
  • We would ask that all rubbish is removed from the apartments upon departure and that windows are left open to allow for a good flow of fresh air

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