Covid hasn't done with us just yet & there'll be more twists & turns ahead before we will be free of it. Quite understandably, it is making everyone hesitant about planning things even days ahead let alone weeks or months ahead.

One thing is clear though. People need a break form it all. Torquay and The English Riviera offer miles of coastline and the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and leave the worries of Covid 19 behind even just for a few hours.

Booking with confidence in an uncertain World

There are three ways we can help to ensure that you can book your break away by the sea confident that we have everything covered.

Booking Protect

Firstly, when you book direct with us you can opt in to Booking Protect Refund Protection. It does specifically cover illness from Covid as well as self isolation as a result of a positive test. It also covers a whole host of other things. You can find details of what is covered by clicking here.

The actual cost will depend upon the number of people travelling and the overall value of the booking.

Our Lockdown Guarantee

Booking Protect does not cover Lockdowns so we do. This means that if you are prevented from travelling by either a local or national lockdown we will allow you to defer your booking for up to 12 months or a Full Refund.

Covid Safe Accommodation

Like a lot of accommodation providers we have spent the last year working our socks off to make sure that our accommodation is safe for visitors. We always had high cleaning standards and with further enhacements to our cleaning regime we our confident that our accommodation is as safe as it can be.

We have been accredited as a Covid Safe Business and it should be noted that in the smmmer despite large numbers of visitors there wasn't so much as even a blip in Covid numbers across the whole of the South West.




You can check availability and rates at our self catering accommodation using the link below. Don't forget that you will always get the best rates if you book direct. There will also be no booking fees and you wil be able to opt in to Booking Protect Refund Protection.

 Click Here To Check Availability & Rates & to Book

Or, call us on 01803 292958 or 0791 905 1066.

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